Journey to Motherhood

My journey to motherhood has been a rocky one but like Maya Angelou says, STILL I RISE. Every year as I approached 30 I would speak out to the universe that I wanted to get married and have a baby by age 30. Well the universe decided that I was being fast and blessed me with … Continue reading Journey to Motherhood


COURTESY OF MY TRUTH As I sat in the styling chair getting my natural hair blown out and straightened, I mention to my hair stylist Sonnie (@silked_by_sonnie) that I would like her to shave off the knaps on my neck. Yes my unrelaxed hairs (knaps) that will not lay down even with the whole jar … Continue reading EMBRACE


A National Holiday is approaching! Queen Jasmine Day has come back around and it is even more special this year. This year I will be celebrating my golden birthday. A golden or grand birthday is the day you turn the same age as the date to which you were born. It's truly a lucky birthday.This … Continue reading GOLDEN


I know....I know...I'm a little late with this post, however, I have been doing my very own spring cleaning so please excuse my tardiness. As they say, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Well as you all know, Spring is finally here! Out with the OLD and in with the NEW.  Now before you pull out your cleaning supplies … Continue reading SPRING CLEANING