Reflection: The Daniel Fast

“At that time I, Daniel, mourned for three weeks. I ate no choice food; no meat or wine touched my lips; and I used no lotions at all until the three weeks were over.”Daniel 10:2-3

If you currently have a strong relationship with God, read your bible or have a church home, then you are aware of the Daniel Fast. For those of you who were unsure of the Daniel Fast, like myself, let me give you a short overview of the Daniel Fast. January is typically a time where we all like to start fresh. Some start with resolutions/setting goals or fasting. The start of the new year is the best time to realign our lives and prepare our hearts and mind with what God has in store for us.

The name is inspired by the Old Testament prophet Daniel, who limited his diet to vegetables and water to be able to cleanse his body and better focus on a spiritual connection to God, leaving behind distracting indulgences like meat and wine.


My interest for the Daniel fast sparked December 2020 after my morning prayer call with Pastor Carter of Concord Church. After our morning prayer he began sharing his plans for the church starting January 4, 2021 which included the Daniel Fast. Although I have heard of the Daniel Fast, I was not completely knowledgeable about the fast. After hours of reading and researching, I started to ask myself if I could really commit to this strict fast solely because of motherhood being constantly unexpected and working remotely. However, I decided to commit after some good self reflections and conversations with my friends. I will admit that my initial why did include regaining my relationship with God, becoming self disciplined again but also I wanted the fast to be the kick start of my continued weight loss journey.

It took me a very long time to realize how much I have neglected God and myself once I gave birth. Prior to motherhood I was more disciplined, I prayed more and used to start my day with a devotional. After self reflection I realized how much I have neglected a lot of things I did prior to becoming a mother and decided to make changes. I knew that the Daniel Fast would help me like it did Daniel.


The first week of the Daniel Fast was somewhat challenging. I would cook my non meat, non dairy, and non sugar meals for myself and then something different for my super picky two year old. He would eat chips in front of me and everything. So cruel right? However, I pushed through all of the temptations.

The morning prayer calls at 6:30AM really gave me the boost that I need to push through each every day of the three weeks fast. It made me realize why completing the fast was so important not only to myself but to God. Every morning I got up for the morning prayer call and did some writing then worked out. I realized how important my time with God first thing in the morning really allowed me to have an overall good day.

The first week of prayer was extremely powerful and confirmed why I needed this fast so badly. Especially after the year we had previously.

Things that I learned during my journey through the Daniel Fast:

  • What we train our minds to focus on impacts our ability to persevere through long seasons—which is why keeping our momentum going by passionately pursuing Jesus matters.
  • When you seek God’s will for your life, over time your life will reflect His character.
  • I learned about Elijah and how God can bless us with what we already have!
  • How our prayers can bring God to help us through any and every situation!
  • Know that God is always working!
  • Always have faith!

I will never forget how I wanted to give up on the fast after week 2. I was craving pizza and texted all of my friends and family thinking they would convince me to quit too just to have pizza. Just terrible, I know. However, they all told me to not give up as I only have one more week left. I almost cried. Partially because I really wanted pizza but also because my circle of friends and loved ones really pushed me to stay committed to my journey. I thank God for my tribe! After the push, I went on YouTube to find more Daniel fast recipes and stumbled across Adorned in Armor’s – “The Daniel Fast Transformed my Mind” vlog. She blew my mind as well. I was honestly shook. She pointed out how God points out things to us and we may not catch it until afterwards. Her vlog made me realize that I needed to re-evaluate my why for the Daniel Fast. I kept thinking about how stressed I was about wanting to lose weight and realized that should not be included in my why. My why should have included self-love which took about two days after to realize. God was trying to make me realize since Day 1 that weight loss should not be my focus but loving myself just as much as he loves me should be my focus. I was shook! I honestly was shook at how it was presented to me which was after the vlog and my daily bible verse of the day alert.

The great thing about the Daniel Fast is that you can partake in the fast at the beginning of the year of at mid-point of the year as a refresher. I plan to do both as I am sure I will need some clarity of things by that time.

I am so thankful for this fast as my relationship has grown with God, I now understand why I need time with him each and every day and lastly being plant based is really not bad at all. I now have new recipes to continue with, made time to finish Mike Todd’s – Relationship goals book (really good) and will now make better decisions about what I feed my body mentally and physically.

Join me next time with Concord Church as we complete the Daniel Fast.

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