2021 Goal Setting

Goal Setting or Goal Writing as some may call it is the process of identifying something you would like to accomplish within a given timeframe. This plan should motivate and guide you to desired results.

On December 27th many individuals participate in National Goal Writing Day. Individual participation consists of setting aside time on this day to write out your goals for the upcoming new year. I truly enjoy this day as it allows me to reflect on what I have or may not have accomplished throughout the current year. Either way it allows me to applaud myself for any accomplishments I’ve made and also gives me a push to keep working on the goals I did not complete for the year.

Each year I feel as though I have improved significantly with setting my goals due to two individuals as well as my career. I would like to thank my virtual mentors Myleik Teele and Courtney Sanders. (Sidenote: They do not know they are my mentors but I have learned so much from them since 2015 that I have claimed them as my mentors lol) If you are not following them on Instagram then you are missing out! They truly share so many gems regarding their career journeys as an employee and now entrepreneurs, motherhood and more. I admire them both for their authenticity.

As an HR Business Partner, I have the opportunity to help guide my employees on their career journey through setting goals and succession planning. If your HR department or manager does not partake in setting goals and or reviewing your succession plans then they do not want to see you grow in your career. This goes for the cashier at a restaurant or the HR admin. Your goals for career growth should be discussed and have action every year! It is my goal to ensure that each employee is on the right path to success. I genuinely love this about my role. If you know me then you know how much I love helping others with their career journey.

One of my many goals for this year was to rebrand and to tap into what I love which is writing. I am so happy to announce that today I am sharing my goal writing tip that I use in my current role as well as with my friends when we discuss our goals and visions. I am so proud of what I have created and overjoyed to share this content with you all!

As we are approaching the end of the year, it’s time to reflect and plan out our goals for 2021. Many people write out their goals or create vision boards without a plan which makes it challenging to accomplish your goals. I can help you with that by sharing my FREE 2021 Goal & Action Planning Guide! Yes, FREE! Download the document below and share your feedback.

I will be sharing my completed worksheets with you all as well. We are all in this together and will accomplish everything we have set for ourselves.

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