Self-care is very essential these days especially during the state we are all in for this wild 2020 year. Scheduling time to truly tend to your needs or to simply care for yourself should not feel selfish. It’s a must for our own sanity whether male or female. As a single mother sometimes I feel that I am being selfish for wanting some solo time to care for myself. My family  and friends always remind me that self-care time is needed regardless if you are a parent. They are absolutely correct so I did just that! I gave myself permission to be selfish for an entire week where I scheduled some self-care time to tend to caring for myself.

One thing I’ve learned during this pandemic is that no matter how busy I am, I have to find time for myself. Being a mother, home school teacher, employee and business owner I must make time to de-stress.

As my birthday week approached, I planned to treat myself to all things self-care. A well-deserved and much needed birthday treat as I have been in quarantine with my son for four and half months now. My self-care birthday week consisted of the following:

  • Laser hair removal (underarms and Brazilian)
  • Scheduling the final work on my root canal (my first one ever)
  • Shopping
  • Painting on my patio with my son
  • Facial
  • Floral bath
  • Birthday dinner

I know what you’re thinking, GEESH that is a lot in one week but it was my week off from work and it was very much needed. My entire body needed maintenance.

I’ve been wanting to get laser hair treatment since 2018 after my son was born however there is a process to getting this procedure after you’ve had a c-section. Well since I had the entire week off for my birthday I scheduled my appointment with Madison Cache Med Spa here in Dallas, Texas. I absolutely love this med spa. The owner is always available to answer your questions either by phone, email and or DM on Instagram. My laser hair tech Kymm listened to my concerns as well as gave me insight of the overall process and the benefits. Let’s just say that experience was very new for me as I’ve never had a Brazilian wax before. The underarm procedure was painless. You honestly do not feel anything. However, there were some areas that made me jump just a tad bit for the Brazilian procedure. I have 9  more sessions to go and no more hair. Beyond excited to complete this process!

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Dental work is self-care for me as I am all about my smile. I had my first root canal this year at age 31 and it was painless overall. However, the process consisted of 3 sessions and surprisingly I was so relaxed I dozed off during the 1st and last session.

Shopping is always a must! Who does not like to shop when they need to destress? Shopping is self-care to me as I love putting different looks together or simply adding statement pieces to my closet or my sons. If I am able to find a great deal on items then my shopping self-care trip was a success!

On my actual birthday I made breakfast for my son and I and then set up our easels to paint on the patio before it got extremely too hot outside. Disclaimer, my son is 2 and is very wild so just know paint was everywhere. He enjoyed painting more than I did. Overall relaxing. We had our music playing and just put it all on our canvas.

Later that day, I returned back to Madison Cache Med Spa for my signature facial. My esthetician Desiree was the absolute best as she truly educated me on my skin throughout the process. After reviewing my skin initially, she informed me that I need microdermabrasion as well as my pores were clogged and I had a lot of blackheads. She educated me along the way to prevent my skin from returning back to this state. You can tell she truly enjoys improving ones skin. She broke down every product she used during my session, gave me samples and even followed up with me by phone after my appointment. I highly recommend going to Madison Cache Med Spa for your spa needs! They literally have every service you can think of ladies! Book your appointment now

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Next up was my birthday dinner at XOXO Dining Room here in Dallas, Texas. I loved the decor, the beautiful set up for photo ops as well as the overall vibe of the restaurant. The manager Nina truly was a great help with my reservation and ensuring myself and my guest were well taken care of. I truly thank all 11 of my friends who took time out to step out during this pandemic to enjoy fine dining with me! I enjoyed the cupcake tower, free champagne and I can’t complain about my Ribeye meal.

Finally to end my birthday self-care week, I decided to try out a floral bath! The best decision I could have ever made! A special thank you to my sons auntie Brittany who asked to spend some time with him. It was the perfect timing for me to set up my floral bath, pull out my record player and a glass of wine. It was an overall vibe! Highly recommend once a month ladies. Very soothing and my skin felt great!


All in all I had a great birthday and a great self-care week! As my skin care routine will be every Sunday now (thanks to Desiree) I will be incorporating more self-care days each month in the future. I can truly say I now realize that this time to myself is not selfish at all!




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