Chapter XXI

“Do not forget that life is but an apple so eat it up and enjoy every moment that you can bite.”

Today I opened a new chapter of my life. I woke up on July 30th to celebrate my 31st birthday and honestly I just felt different. Turning 31 continued to replay in my head over and over but I did not know how I should feel. Should I be excited to grow older? I felt odd and confused as to what year 31 would bring me. Everyone knows that I love celebrating my birthday but today I just felt like it was just another day especially since it was mandatory that I came into the office today.

Surprisingly my coworkers made my day very special. Although it was  just another day in the office but also my birthday I still felt that it was more than that. Turning 30 is truly a memorable moment but once you turn 31, you are sure that you are on that decade for sure, it marks the start of your middle years. And this is what I was afraid of and didn’t want to feel. As a woman we do not want to age but today I realized that getting older is truly a great thing. You continue to learn and experience life. Blessed for life itself! Overall I had a wonderful day! Thanks to everyone who showered me with love on my special day. I am truly excited to experience Chapter 31 as Chapter 30 taught me A LOT.

With that being said, it is very important to make the most of what you have, you just need to enjoy life. Regardless of your age, be appreciative and live life to the fullest.

I came across a question on Instagram from the On This Journe Inc page (@onthisjourneinc) on my birthday and thought I share to discuss as this  made me really think about who I wanted to be? Check out the question below and share your response in the comments.

“As an imperfect woman on this journey, what does being “whole” look like for you at this point in time?” -On This Journe Inc.

My answer: Being whole for me at this stage in my life is having a balanced lifestyle and being truly happy with my true authentic self. Growing up we’ve all had stages where we have tried to figure ourselves out and have been someone who we know we simply are not.  Being whole personally feels like I am fulfilled in my career efforts, I am making strides in my personal life and inner development, and I’m enjoying hobbies and interests that make me happy.

This question truly made me open my eyes to determine what I wanted out of life for myself and how I plan to grow as a woman! Great question!

Check out the pictures my Bestfriend/DJ (@DjSo4kis) was able to capture at my birthday brunch at Sixty Vines Uptown.


Fashion Details: I ordered a dress from Pretty Little Things and it was terrible! It looked nothing like the picture so I rushed to Ross on Sunday morning to find a back up and came across this cute yellow polka dot dress for $13. Winning!

A special thank you to my tribe of friends who came out to celebrate me on my special day.




Again, thank you all for your love on my special day! I truly felt it this year! Comment your favorite look below and also share your response regarding being “whole” at this stage in your life.






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