Quarter 1: COMPLETE

MISSION 1 COMPLETE! Quarter 1 has come to an end and so much has happened over the first 3 months of the year.  It was a bit rocky but still a great quarter.

I started the beginning of the year just like many of you all did, SETTING GOALS. We all create a long list of goals or a list of things we wish to manifest into our lives for the year. However, was a plan developed to accomplish these goals?

In order to reach these goals or to bring them to life you have to stay consistent with a plan to attack these goals. For the year I wanted to create a healthy lifestyle, start my new organization where women can come together to celebrate and empower one another, write a children’s book or more. Well sorry to say not all goals were accomplished. This is expected. Having too many goals set at once can really be intense. I am happy to announce that Women Who Vibe was created in January and we have had three successful events together. The group started with 15 women and continue to grow. Truly thankful and excited.


A healthy lifestyle is a must for me as I am a mother and want to be the best that I can be for my son. I have went two weeks without meat and bad carbs to detox, increased the amount of veggies I intake and I am back to working out. I purchased a new gym membership as well as had a personal trainer for 4 weeks. I’m coming back better than ever. Stay tuned!

FullSizeRender (2)

Writing a children’s book takes more time than I expected. I have joined a writing group to help me stay consistent so stay tuned. I am giving myself until the end of the year to finalize this as I do not want to rush my first children’s book dedicated to my son. Super excited about this new endeavor as it is dear to my heart. I love reading to my son so I am excited to write a book that he could relate to as he grows on his journey.

Now that I have opened up and disclosed my ups and downs for quarter 1, I invite you all to share your quarter 1 highlights? Were you able to check off any of your goals set for the year or quarter? Talk to me! 



Here are some tips to setting your Quarter 2 goals:

  • Start by selecting no more than 2 to 5 goals max.
    • These goals can be minor or major but select goals that you can accomplish in 90 days.
  • Place your goals in a visible location
    • You can write your goals on sticky notes and place them on your mirror or a whiteboard, inside of your bible or journal that you write in daily. Place them somewhere you will see them everyday as a reminder.
  • Begin your morning by selecting one goal to execute for the day.
    • By doing so you will be able to track your performance of that particular goal and determine what other essentials you need to make sure you accomplish this goal.

I hope the tips above help you crush your quarter 2 goals! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just need an accountability partner. We all can help one another!

During Quarter 2 I plan to focus on four main goals. These goals are:

  • Consistently post to my Blog or Vlog once a week.
  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Work on branding for Women Who Vibe and collaborations
  • SAVE (after my sons 1st birthday)

Now that I have shared my quarter 2 goals, please share your quarter 2 goals in the comments.



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