Dear Self,

Oh what a time it has been to be a live. As you go through the last days of your 20’s it’s only right to reflect. First and foremost…YOU MADE IT THROUGH! You’ve faced so many challenges but you pushed through and overcame each obstacle. You lost some friends but gained new family members. You let go of that baggage and got your glow back.

Let me remind you of a few things you’ve accomplished throughout your 20’s:

  • You successfully moved out on your own and stayed out for years!
  • You’ve earned 3 degrees (Bachelors of Arts Communication Broadcasting, Masters of Science in Human Resource Management and Masters of Business Administration)
  • You took a leap of faith and moved to Dallas with only $400 to your name and made it work!
  • Your leap of faith got you several good jobs in HR.
  • You got your baby boy that you’ve always wanted. Hey Josiah!
  • Made it through your pregnancy and labor something you were afraid of!
  • Financially you have leveled up! Hey Savings account!
  • You got your passport stamped twice!
  • You showcased your creative director skills with four different fashion shows!
  • Jazzmine Sullivan sang you Happy Birthday!
  • You met your fav Gabrielle Union
  • You’ve experienced a lot of fun through travel, concerts and just overall had a grand ol time with family and friends!
  • You’ve given your time to the community
  • You’ve been such a great friend to the ones that matter
  • You have loved and been hurt but still you rise
  • You’ve helped others reach their goals

As you move along into your 30’s let’s leave a few things BEHIND:

  • Insecurities
  • Sensitivity (it’s okay to be sensitive to a certain extent but lay off a little)
  • Your Fears
  • Self Doubt (Girl you are the BOMB and have accomplished a lot)
  • Not Bragging about your accomplishments! Let everybody know!
  • Leave those who don’t celebrate you in the past!
  • Overall just Let Go and Let God

Jasmine you are worthy of everything and more! You are a beautiful human being who has a great heart! Don’t let anyone tell you other wise. Live your life to the fullest, don’t let anyone still your joy. Don’t settle! Continue with your success and continue on your journey of motherhood as you are doing a great job!

Thank you for the memories in my 20’s but now it’s time to make the next memories even better!

Queen Jas Day is on July 30th! Stay tuned for more!

Here I am celebrating my 20th Birthday

Here I am celebrating my 29th birthday!

Excited for 30!

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