Journey to Motherhood

My journey to motherhood has been a rocky one but like Maya Angelou says, STILL I RISE. Every year as I approached 30 I would speak out to the universe that I wanted to get married and have a baby by age 30. Well the universe decided that I was being fast and blessed me with a baby first instead of the ring. But hey that’s life. I’m at a place where I feel that I have conquered the first three months of motherhood so here I am today sharing my personal journey.

From the moment the two pregnancy test confirmed that I was in fact pregnant I was TERRIFIED. My family and friends can attest to my fears of being pregnant and delivering as I asked them questions just about every day. Looking back I laugh at the ridiculous questions I asked. Pre-pregancy I received a lot of advice from mothers including my own. I took mental notes and also questioned some of the advice but here we are today. Most of the advice was truly beneficial so a special thanks to all those mothers out there who shared their personal stories.

On April 15th I gave birth to Josiah (my son) who is truly heaven sent. After 26 hours of labor which turned into an emergency c-section my baby was finally here. I will never forget the day he was born. It was truly an unbelievable experience. And so my motherhood journey began. From trying to produce breast milk, getting him latched on to my boob and changing diapers I can confirm that motherhood is simply a challenge I love taking on each day.

Post pregnancy my mother who spent the first three weeks with me after giving birth put my child’s father and I through new parent boot camp. She taught us how to burp our child, how often to feed and so much more. There were days where my mom made me go walk outside to teach me how to maneuver the stroller by myself. At the moment I thought these boot camp sessions were hilarious but they truly guided me throughout my journey once she left. Let’s just say I cried so hard when my  mom went back home. I enjoyed her being here helping me along the way.

As of today, I can truly say that motherhood is truly rewarding. As a mother you learn that it is no longer about you. There has been days that were more challenging than others but I’m thankful for every lesson behind each challenge. My son has definitely made every day worth it all. You become selfless as your entire existence will be about your child as you want the best for them. Every decision or move you make impacts them. Even your vibes brush off on your child. Overall, I appreciate those moments when I read to my son, make him smile with funny faces and attempt to hold conversations with him at only 3 months. Yes I do the most but I’m prepping him for what’s in store for his future.  The bond we have is truly unbreakale.  Thank you Josiah for choosing me to be your mother! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you.

He is already a character lol


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