As I sat in the styling chair getting my natural hair blown out and straightened, I mention to my hair stylist Sonnie (@silked_by_sonnie) that I would like her to shave off the knaps on my neck. Yes my unrelaxed hairs (knaps) that will not lay down even with the whole jar of gel. Trust me, those knaps on my neck are a hot mess and must go since I no longer get a relaxer to straighten them out. She stops and says “Girl you better EMBRACE that hair on your neck!” She refused to shave them. All I could think about was Martin’s nickname for Pam, Beadie Bead. She goes on to say that us women need to start embracing what God gave us. My exact thoughts were, how sway? How can I embrace the knaps that won’t let my slick back ponytails be great. Or those naps some friends love to point out regardless of how nice my natural hair looks overall. Embrace them? Oh no! Easier said than done right?

Why is it so hard for women such as myself to embrace our overall appearance? My first thought is to blame social media but it is actually more than just what we have seen being praised online. In order to embrace certain things about ourselves we must learn to truly love ourselves, our complete self. What does this truly mean? What is the action behind “embrace”? Oxford Dictionary defines embrace as accepting or supporting (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically. Key word within this definition is ACCEPT. We must truly accept who we are as we are no matter what flaws we may have physically. Speaking for myself, there are various things I wish to change about myself due the views and judgement of my peers during my teen years. Some of the views are from my adulthood as well. However, now that I am approaching 30 and have experienced so much throughout my 20s I can say that I am in a stage where I can embrace everything about myself. I know that I was created to be different from my peers. I’ve always been different which is what people love most about me. I never followed the crowd. Always did my own thing. But was I secure with my flaws throughout these waves I have been on throughout my life. The answer is NO.We were all made to be different unless we were twins.

Moving forward I will embrace my big nose, hairy/nappy neck, dark skin and all. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t truly embrace all of my features. Embrace your body type ladies, embrace the fact that you may not have a filter because you only know how to say exactly how you feel. Embrace every part of you that made you second guess posting that picture on social media. When you truly embrace who you are as a whole you will then find the key to your own happiness. TRUE HAPPINESS!

What are a few things you will learn to embrace and love about yourself? Share below!

5 thoughts on “EMBRACE

  1. classismasocialconstruct says:

    This was such a good read! It’s so hard to be truthful about our vulnerabilities, We can def be out worse enemy. I was watching an interview with Jlo ab how she made a conscious decision to THINK positively ab her self from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning ..when she explained how difficult the process was I immediately felt realness about her..because it is harrrrddd to keep positive thoughts about ourselves especially when negativity is rooted so far back in our lives.

    Thank you for this!!


  2. Ash Kash says:

    I just had this exact thought, and the urge to share it and my journey of self-acceptance! Via a blog or some similar platform too. This is confirmation, and this is motivation. I love you Jas, and I’ve always admired your confidence!!! Embrace yourself just as Yah blessed you!


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