A National Holiday is approaching! Queen Jasmine Day has come back around and it is even more special this year. This year I will be celebrating my golden birthday. A golden or grand birthday is the day you turn the same age as the date to which you were born. It’s truly a lucky birthday.This year I turn thirty on the 30th. How exciting right?

For the last month in my 20’s I want to be extremely open about certain things that I would like to leave in my twenties. I refuse to let certain insecurities and or beliefs join me in my thirties. My thirties are all about my happiness and a wonderful new journey in my adulthood.

As a huge music lover I have selected Jill Scott’s “Golden”as my theme song. Cliche I know but I have always loved the lyrics to this song as it exudes happiness and freedom.

Join me in celebration. Regardless if it’s your birthday or not, let’s celebrate happiness and freedom within ourselves!

Happy Birthday to all the July babies as well!


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