Healthy Hair

One of my biggest issues in life has always been maintaining healthy hair. Don’t judge me but I am very lazy when it comes to managing my own hair.  For years (since relaxer days) my hair has given me so much trouble. I won’t lie sometimes I am ashamed of my hair so I keep it covered with wigs and other protective styles. I have been natural (without a relaxer) for almost 3 years but I have not been taking great care of it. When I say taking great care of it I am referring to keeping my ends trimmed every 3 months, deep conditioning and using products that will keep my hair moisturized.

Today I am overcoming one of my biggest fears, sharing my natural hair to the world. I know it doesn’t sound like a major fear to you but it is for me personally. Last month I went to my stylist to get a silk press. Of course she lets me know that she can tell that I needed my hair trimmed. Shamefully I haven’t had a good trim since last September. I was way over due for a trim. The first picture below shows how much she had to cut off. I was devastated. I’m sure your thinking, that is not a lot but to me it was a lot. My hair grows very slow so any amount I have to cut off I am devastated.  Check out my recent trim process. I definitely have to do better when it comes to my hair.

Although I felt like I took several steps back with this recent visit, the last picture prior to styling my hair shows that my hair has gotten healthier over the years. We tend to focus on the length and not the health of our hair.

I promise to continue to be consistent with my quarterly trims and ensuring that I let my stylist do most of the work when it comes to maintain my healthy hair.

If you have any healthy natural hair tips please share.


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