My last year in my 20’s has finally arrived. The year of 29!I am still in shock that 30 is approaching so quickly.

One thing about me is that no matter how old I am turning I will continue to celebrate my life by doing something over the top. Each and every year I am overly excited about my birthday festivities. I normally celebrate all month long but this year I decided to relax and prepare myself for my first international trip. Yes, I said my FIRST.

Every year I try to plan an international birthday trip with friends however those plans always come to a halt due to various reasons. This year I did not let anything or anyone stop me from traveling abroad for my birthday. I chose to travel to Saint Martin as I’ve always heard the island is so beautiful.

From the food to the views to the locals, my trip was amazing. We stayed at a beautiful home that we rented through Airbnb in the city of Bel-Air. The views from this home was breathtaking. I enjoyed my trip with my cousin Reka and very close friend Jasmine. Truly thankful they were able to come and experience this trip with me. It was a trip to remember. Truly thankful I was able to visit this beautiful island as well as Anguilla before the Hurricane hit this past season. I do plan to go back to this island as I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Take a look at some footage I was able to capture during my trip.




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