Did this really just happen? Was my first event with my business partner Caris (owner of Porsch Stores) successful? YES and YES!


The video sums up our excitement that we accomplished one of our 2017 goals as a team. I am honestly still on an all time high over the success of our first event together. For weeks we were nervous about the outcome due to being new to the public eye in the Dallas area. Our motives were to  put on a great show that shared our interest and hoped that everyone would purchase tickets, attend the show and overall enjoy and appreciate our vision. The support, the love and great feedback is still at this very moment overwhelming. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Caris and I met at the Because Women Love brunch event hosted by Amanda Bell in February. Funny story, Caris and I shared our interest with Amanda separately to get tips about throwing large events and to simply network. One evening while chatting with Amanda she shared that their was someone who was interested in doing something similar to my vision who attended the brunch. Amanda sent over her contact information and I reached out to Caris. We instantly clicked and began working on the show. Caris then introduced me to Isatu Rogers (owner of Weyonstyle) who wanted to share her clothing line in the show as well.  We all were able to share our ideas and come together to make sure our ideas would be showcased. During the process Isatu was working on opening her first boutique (located in Grand Prairie, TX) and had to pull from the show. Although there was a minor change in the team, Isatu made sure to continue to show her support and was a great sponsor for the show! We are so proud of you on the success of your new store! Be sure to visit her store if you are in the Dallas, Texas area or shop online (

We came up with the title of our show by incorporating our vision of a pop up show that featured fashion from boutiques and designers as well as art. We truly wanted to combine them both as fashion is art. I then wanted to dig deeper with the overall vision and concept of the show. This was solely due to the lack of support I’ve seen throughout the black community.  I’ve noticed that their are a lot of black entrepreneurs, designers and artist who are overlooked within our own community.  I shared with Caris and Isatu that I wanted the show to focus solely on our culture and feature only black artist and designers.  I love all people however I wanted the first show to truly explore how dope our culture has been and will be in the future.

For the show, I wanted to work with people who were as vibrant as myself. I searched via social media for the best artist and designers in the DFW area. I was so happy they all were interested to be apart of the show.  A special thank you to our sponsors WeyoneStyle, DreamKloset and DollFace Fit for their contribution to the show! We truly appreciate the love!

We were happy to have the co-owner of DreamKloset, Jazzmine Strickland, attend the show. Thanks Jazzmine! We can’t wait to work with you again for our next show.

Sponsor-Dream Kloset

Thank you DollFace Fit for gifting us with your Slimming Cream for the giveaways during the show. Our recipients were super excited about your new product!


How about our designers for the show! They truly showed up and showed out! Our designer line up consisted of the following:

Thank you to all of the designers who participated in this years showcase! They truly represented for the culture!

Truly appreciate DJ So4Kis for providing the sound and keeping our attendees entertained throughout the show.


Our DJ for the evening, DJ So4Kis

Our Host for the evening: Comedian Richie Fontaine


Our host for the evening Richie Fontaine


The dope artist who featured their masterpieces in the show! From Left to right: CanvasBully, Fragyle Art, LooseMedium and SMJ Gallery. Thank you guys for being apart of my vision! They came and showed out with their pieces!


This young man here is the owner of the T-Camp collection! His entire line is beyond amazing!



You know the love is real when your good friend/sister travels to come support and help out! Love you Denedra! Thank you for your support and help!



Last but not least! A special shoutout to all of the models who participated in the show, our make up artist Sherlyn and Angela, our assistant Lorna for truly going above and beyond with the behind the scenese duties, Jolloff Radio station for the footage, promotion and on-air interview.

Finally, a SPECIAL thank you to our wonderful photographer for the evening Kristina “Kris” Williams (@kriswillphoto)! Kris captured a lot of dope shots from behind the scenes and during the show. Check out the sneak peak below:

Sherylyn Make Up Artist 1

Makeup artist: Sherlyn (@sherlynthemua)


Makeup Artist: Angela (luxurytaxdoll)

To see more photos from the Fashion Meets Art event please click on the links below:

Again, thank you to all the attendees for your support! We truly appreciated the love!


  1. Edmund Simpson II says:

    I really hate I missed it. Looks like it was a blast! I’m so happy that my people came together and put on a great show!


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