Mother’s Day was beyond amazing this year. I am not a mother (yet) however I ALWAYS want to show my mother, sisters and friends so much love and appreciation on this day. Although I am not a mother at this time, I constantly am shown that being a mother is the greatest reward in life.

Last year I was unable to go home to spend Mother’s Day with my mother and sisters. However this year I was determined to be there with them. I began plotting a surprise for my  mother and sisters however the surprise for my sisters changed. Being that we all do not live near each other I had to ensure that at least my sisters would be home. My surprise was to fly to Dayton, Ohio to surprise my mom. When you talk to your mother almost every day its extremely hard to surprise her because she wants to know about your every move.  I had to pull my step father into the plan as well so that he could help me get into her job to surprise her. However, she decided to request the day off so I had to change my surprise again.

I flew into Dayton Thursday evening, rented a car and stayed at my sister’s house. Friday morning after dropping my niece off to school I drove to my mother’s home however she was not there. Of course she was not home on her day off. I called and texted around to get her  location but no one responded quick enough. I called my aunt who lives four hours away and she was able to get my mothers location. My mother decided to start her day off by taking a trip to the nail salon to get a fill-in for Mother’s Day. Check out my surprise below.

The look on her face and the tears she shed warmed my hurt. I love surprising my mother and this has been by far the best surprise overall. Throughout the rest of the day she cried some more and told everyone she spoke with how I flew from Dallas to surprise her. I loved every moment of it.

Throughout the rest of the weekend I spent a lot of time with my family. Being that we do not live close to one another I made sure I cherished every moment. Especially with my niece and nephew who crack me up. It amazes me how much my niece is just like me. Its kind of scary because I did not birth her however I did bug my sister all the time. Check out a few pictures with the family below.


Baby sister and I


Niece and I after her first act!


Her favorite dance style at the moment…..Jazz!


My nephew hates pictures!


My vibrant Mother on Mother’s Day!


Baby sister and I again before she headed back home!


My Family!


My mom made this collage! Love my family!

My trip would not have been complete without spending some girl time with my friend who I’ve known since our freshman year of college. We love to shop, eat and share hilarious moments in our lives! Love my girl Ashley! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU TOO!


Can’t believe I’ve known her for 10+ years now! Time has flown by!

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