REVERB: Volume 3


Recently I had the opportunity to check out 808 Entertainment’s REVERB: Volume 3 showcase. The 808 Entertainment group is a Dallas based agency that brings creative minds and live music. If you did not attend this dope event you definitely missed out. The theme of the show is similar to MTV’s Unplugged as they showcase three artist who share their latest music to a new audience in an intimate setting. The showcase is a great outlet for underground artist to share their new or old projects. It’s an artistic outlet for upcoming artist. I loved the entire vibe of the show from beginning to end. Prior to the performances attendees were able to check out art work by Jonathan Foster and Nychelle in the lobby area as well as check out new gear from the Last Tribe. I loved how we were able to mingle, network and shop all before the show.

The show started off with an introduction from the host Richie Fontane who was hilarious but also real. Richie caught me off guard because he sounds just like Kevin Hart! I can confirm that he was not imitating Kevin for laughs. He naturally sounds just like him. Richie did a great job interacting with the audience members as he kept us laughing.


Reverb: Volume 3 featured three artist from the Dallas area. The featured performers were Curtis Mayz, Be My Fiasco and Jason Lyric. I was familiar with Jayson Lyric’s music however this was my first time checking out Curtis Mayz and Be My Fiasco. All three artist did an amazing job. I loved their music and authenticity.


Checkout a few snippets from the show below:

Curtis Mayz

Be My Fiasco

Jayson Lyric

A huge shout out to the members of 808 Entertainment who includes Josh (Graphic/Promo/Media), Jamila (Logistics/Admin) and DJ So4Kis (Audio Technician). Overall dope event!

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