WHAT A YEAR! As 2016 comes to an end, I thought it would be great to reflect on how my year has been by sharing my highs and lows as well as the moments I captured of myself.

I’ve noticed a lot of people have shared that 2016 has been tragic however I am sure everyone can recognize some great wins throughout the year. Lets reflect back on our highs and lows for the year. Looking back, I can honestly say that I hit some road blocks throughout the year but as always God pushed me through every incident I felt was a tragedy. Two words that sum up my 2016 is GROWTH AND HAPPINESS!

Check out a few of my favorite pictures from 2016! You all know that I love to take pictures. I had so many to pick from but only a certain few could make the cut! ENJOY!

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Lets REFLECT! Here are a few of my highs and lows from 2016!

My 2016 highlights:

  • Lost 25 pounds (still can’t believe it)
  • Met amazing new people/made new friends
  • Gave back to my community more than I have ever done before
  • Gained new friendships
  • Traveled more this year
  • Began my new and improved blog
  • Met Erica Campbell twice this year
  • Attended several movie premieres
  • Celebrated my birthday with my Dad’s side of the family this year (AMAZING)
  • Earned my MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

My 2016 lows:

  • My dating life sucked (2017 I’m claiming success in the dating field)
  • Lost a few friends
  • Had to give up pasta (I’m still sad about this but extremely happy with the weight loss)
  • Spent too much money on pointless things
  • Lost weight then gained it back (the ultimate struggle)
  • Lost a job ( a major setback)

It’s true what they say, “When one door closes, another door opens”. I must say that second door has always been even better than ever. My career path in HR is a prime example of this quote. I began my career in HR as an HR Assistant and after 3 months I was promoted to Benefits Coordinator. With the new promotion came more work and disrespectful leaders within the workplace. Long story short, I didn’t move fast enough when God told me to so he made changes for me and here I am finally in the role to become a Vice President or Director of HR before age 30. Truly blessed and thankful!

As you can see my highs outweighed my lows in 2016 and I only realized that by reflecting back on the major events of 2016. My lows were major road blocks and sad moments however I overcame each obstacle and came back better than ever. I believe this happened due to surrounding myself with more positive people. Removing all negative vibes truly helped me take control over my life as well as grow as a woman.

Now its time for you to reflect! Share some of your highs and lows below or if you wish to share via email send them to me personally! I would love to hear from you all!

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