The Bounce Back


Living  in Dallas, Texas has its perks for bloggers/vloggers. One of the major perks are the opportunities to attend pre-screenings for new albums and movies. On November 16th, Liquid Soul (The Total Market Agency) hosted another pre-screening event for the Dallas area which featured the early release of “The Bounce Back“. The new film stars Shemar Moore and Bill Bellamy. Yes, ladies I said it! Shemar Moore and Bill Bellamy are back on the big screen together!

Shemar Moore plays Matthew Taylor who is an author/relationship expert who has trouble with his own love life. As we all know, men think they have it all figured out when it comes to relationships. However, Shemar’s character confirms that some men do not have it all figured out especially if they are holding on to the past.

Bill Bellamy plays Terry Twist who brings the comedy throughout the film. Surprisingly Bill is not playing his typical player role. He is Matthew’s best friend who is overly career driven and will do anything to help Matthew make it to the top of the book selling chart.

We’ve all been there once or twice in our life. Where we feel as though bouncing back is good for us. However, ultimately that ex that we would love to have back in our lives can hold us back from something even better.

I won’t give the entire movie away but if you are into romantic comedies with a hint of sex appeal then you should definitely check out The Bounce Back which hits theaters on December 9th!

Check out the pics from the red carpet premiere!


And the stars of the film have arrived! Bill Bellamy and Shemar Moore!


Erica Campbell came out to support the guys on their new movie!


Orlando Valentino (star from The Carter High) came out to support as well!


Of course I had to make an appearance on the red carpet with the guys!


Selfies with Bill! He actually suggested this angle! He was right about the lighting from here! 



Just thinking about this selfie with Shemar makes me want to faint all over again! 


Beth Payne (recently appeared on How to Get Away With Murder) came out to support!



For the second time this year, Erica and I discussed my blog! She is such a sweetheart!


Q&A with the guys after the film! Footage to follow!


Of course I made an appearance on the red carpet! 










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