NEW YORK CITY- The city of big lights, fashion and dope art. I recently had the opportunity to visit the Big Apple for the first time as an adult. There is one word to describe my trip and that is AMAZING!

I was a little skeptical about going to the Big Apple during the Fall season as it can get really cold, however it was worth it. I started off as a tourist but by day two I was a true New Yorker catching the bus to the train just to get to my destination.

The first stop on my trip was attending The Color Purple Broadway show. I did not allow the rain to stop me from experiencing my first Broadway show.  If I could give the actors more than two thumbs up I most definitely would. From the vocals to the acting just simply amazing. They made me cry, sing a long and life all in one setting.



My second day in New York I caught the train all by myself to the Rockefeller Center to check out the views from the Top of the Rock. This view was amazing. Check out the footage I was able to capture below. Breathtaking right? img_6048img_6049


After being a tourist, I made my way to Soho to do shopping. I was able to check out a dope art gallery as well as shop at the Soho marketplace where I came across chic jewelry pieces. img_6056img_6063


My third day in NYC was a photoshoot prior to our festivities. Shoutout to Ashley for capturing these great shots!img_6100img_6083img_6092img_6099img_6105


I had the opportunity to attend the Jack Daniels Art-Beats & Lyrics event which was beyond dope. From the art pieces to the musical selection I had such a great time! img_6120img_6136


New York is known for its graffiti throughout the entire city. You can’t miss dope art throughout your commute. The graffiti is not just art but it also tells a story. While commuting throughout Brooklyn, I came across a lot of graffiti by the late great Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Brooklyn native was known for his dope graffiti  which gave him the opportunity to feature his artwork on sweatshirts and postcards. In the mid 1980’s he earned an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Andy Warhol.  I came across this particular peace having brunch in the Williamsburg area. Its an image of a young Basquiat. He was known for wild hair. DOPE!basquait


Overall, New York is everything. The city is full of talented individuals and screams authentic. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

More to come about soon!

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