Bella Kinks Natural Hair Expo

What an AMAZING event!!! The Bella Kinks Natural Hair Expo kicked off on October 22,2016 and here I am today still in awe about this event. The event was held at the Fashion Industry Gallery in Dallas, Texas. It was such an honor to be in the presence of so many great entrepreneurs, activist, natural hair bloggers/vloggers as well as photographers. The event consisted of guest speakers such as Deedee in the Morning from K104, The Glam Twins and even Michaela “Angela” Davis! Again such an honor to be in the same room as these ladies as they have made such an impact on the culture for black women in business. The event was so uplifting and all around a great representation of black women who were successful entrepreneurs doing what they love.If you missed the two day natural hair expo do not fret because I have you covered with great pics and videos.  Also, thanks to social media you can click the hashtag (#bellakinksnaturalhairexpodfw) to check out all the great footage. I have so much footage it is ridiculous however I love capturing the moment as they make for great memories. See photos below.


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